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Food Products We Love

Farmina N&D Adult Food

Complete Dog Food

High Level Of Fresh Protein!

Farmina N&D Puppy Food

Complete Food For Puppies

Zero Percent Grain!

Pedigree Pro Expert Puppy 

Professional Dog Food

Suitable for Large Breeds!

Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

Grain Free Dog Food

Single-Source Protein!

Royal Canin Maxi Junior

Supports Optimal Digestive Security

Good For Bone Mineralisation!

Royal Canin Veterinary Dry Renal, 7 kg

Highly Digestible Protein

Supports Good Renal Filtration!

Pedigree Puppy Dog Food

Builds Immune System

Ideal For Puppies Of All Breeds!

RC Golden Retriver Junior

Healthy Cardiac Function

Exclusive Kibble For Retrievers!

Drools Adult Dog Food

Optimum Ratio Of Protein And Energy

Easily Digestible!