How To Understand Your Dog:

With those pearly glossy eyes, he looks at you. His soft glance paying attention to your every move. You look at him, displaying similar affection. He understands, lets you come near. Hands reach out, to grab him. Walking towards you falls into your arms. You cuddle with him, caress him. Running fingers through his hair, you feeling their softness. Moving your palms all over his body. Joy and warmth entering you both. Reaching out, he raises his head. Sharing an intimate stare with you, he reaches forward. Knowing what this means, you dive in for the feeling. Eyes met. Opening his mouth, he comes in, for a…LICK!

Well, we all can relate to that, so today lets talk about How To Understand Your Dog.

Benefits Of Owning a Dog:

How to understand your dog
Since ages when knowing one thing for sure; a woman might leave a man’s side or vice versa but a dog never will. A human’s ‘Best Friend’, Dog, is a domestic animal belonging to the canine family. Dogs come with four legs, a pair of eyes and a heart full of joy and happiness. Keeping a dog as a pet is also beneficial to the human owner. Dogs regularly need walks, this, in turn, helps you keep fit. Dogs love to fetch or just run around the park. Activities done with your dog can help you maintain a good physical health.

Canines are known to be a smart species. Dogs by default have a good sense of smell accompanied by a developed brain. This makes them excellent sniffers. Dogs can also sense a person’s emotions. When they know you are sad, they’ll approach you with the cutest of faces. If you feel the need to hug someone, call out for your dog, you’ll instantly feel better.

Proven scientifically that playing with dogs induces calm and relieve you of stress. A Dog owner is generally less depressed than non-owners. All of this, helping you to be mentally fit.

A Dog’s Communication

Dogs, in addition to this, are really great social animals. According to media portrayals, Dogs are these fully balls of fur who only know how to express love. They might come at you with a toy held in the mouth or even just to cuddle. A Dog certainly like and appreciate attention from their owner. A dog understands you and what you are trying to convey. If you are angry with him, if you want to talk him on a walk, if it is feeding time, a dog, learns eventually what his human is trying to tell him.

The way a dog communicates is through non-verbal signal, body movements and a different tone in his bark. Unlike us, he cannot say out loud what he wants. As a dog owner, we have too, been in a situation where we couldn’t understand what our dogs wanted. It can be difficult to exactly know what a dog wants.

If you are a dog owner, you might have come across times when your dog doesn’t listen to you. Other times he is repeatedly by your side not leaving you. Sometimes he doesn’t eat how he would eat every other day. Once in a while, it may happen, that he has displayed some aggressive behavior towards you.

A human being in such a scenario is helpless. Because we prefer vocal signals to convey what one wants to say. Isn’t the case with dogs similar? Yes! Though they cannot converse with us in complex speech patterns. Though, there are a few things that we can help you with. Want to know why your dog has his ears turned up, or why he is lying around in a corner seeming sad? Things wrote below just might help you.

Understanding Your Dog:

A dog when trying to convey a particular message, will either move his body parts or stand near an object he wants to take part in an activity with. To know this in better detail, let’s start by understanding his body movements-

To simplify, we have chosen what generally a body part is used to indicate:

Dog’s Eyes

how to understand your dog

There can be times where your dog has his eyes set on you. He is directly looking into your eyes. Fear not, he means no harm. Just make sure in such a stance, your look is soothing one. If watched with anger or any other feeling, a dog would instantly understand and might turn aggressive or challenged.

When your dog’s eyes are wide open, he is also asking you to pay attention to him. He wants you to focus on him. Give him what he asks for, this will make your boy/girl happy.

If you notice that your dog has been squinting his eyes there are two things which can be perceived through it- A short squint or blinking indicates that your dog wants to play: A long squint or blink indicates that your dog is in pain. Please consult a vet if the latter behaviour is persistently displayed.

Dog’s Ears

how to understand your dog

If your dog has his ears, straight up, and his head tilted, then it indicates that he is curious about a particular thing around or a face that you are making. This is a normal behaviour and nothing to be worried about.

When your dog has his ears perked up a bit, he might be sensing something and is alert due the same. A good rub to his head will surely calm him down in such a situation.

You might notice this too, that your dog has his ears flat against his head. This is an indicator that your dog is frightened or nervous. Most of the times it is only the left ear. A way of a dog reacting to a person who he is afraid of or unfamiliar with.

Dog’s Tongue

how to understand your dog

When your dog has his tongue out and is panting, there can be two indicators; he is tired after a walk and is catching his breath or he feels hot in the room or out. If you think it the latter, let him lap up some water and switch on the AC. He’ll feel better instantly.

If your dog is licking his face with his tongue, it a sign that he is nervous or feels danger around him. Trying calming him down by initiating a cuddle with him. Sometimes, it can mean that your dog loves you and wants to show his affection to you.

Your dog wants food when he has just his tongue out. It is feeding time for him. He might also try to indicate this by sitting near his bowl or where his food is kept and has his tongue out.

Dog’s Face

Ever catch your dog yawning? This is an indicator that he is might be nervous or grumpy because of his surroundings. But if your dog yawns just right after you yawn, it is a sign of affection displayed: Your dog loves you.

If your dog has his teeth out and isn’t really snarling, then it is a sign that he is aware and protecting his territory. This behavior can generally be seen when a dog is feeding. A sort of primal instinct displayed by animals. The reason- Because an animal is vulnerable the most when he is eating.

Ever come across your dog putting his head upon your knee? If yes, then your dog is trying show he needs attention. He wants you to play with him. Go out and give him his reward.

Dog’s Tail

A dog’s tail is the best indicator of what he is trying to say. A rapid wagging tail in a normal position means he is happy to see you. Go pet him in such a case. If your dog has his tail lowered and wages it slowly, it is a sign that he is confused. Not knowing what is going on, he wants you to lead. In such a case, when you call him out and he has a lowered tail that is wagging rapidly, you should note that you are the alpha!

If your dog has a raised tail which is shaking just slightly, then there is an authority issue. He is trying to challenge you as he considers he is in charge of a situation. If a dog has his tail between his legs, it is a signal that he is afraid. Try to cheer him up or calm him in your usual way. Is he repeating this behavior often? Try consulting a vet for the same.


Lastly, his paws. A dog will use his paws for a variety of activities, just how we use our hands. Though a dog has limitations to what he can do with those, paws are enough to let him express what he wants. It might so happen that sometimes your dog will point out at things. This is an indicator that he wants you to check that particular thing out and get it into use for eg: If he points out a toy, pick it up and play with it and your dog. He’ll like it.

If he just has his one paw out and raised while sitting; either he is hungry or he wants you to play with him. This behavior is particular to some dogs. If they raise their paw, they have noticed something interesting. And if your dog is putting his paw on your knee, looking at you with a rigid expression, be aware. He is trying to be the alpha. If you want to be in control then remove his paw slowly while looking into his eyes with affection.

We move next on to his body language and stance:

Rapid Body Shake

foods toxic to dogs

A dog will shake his body rapidly when he wants to get rid of the water from his body. This is generally noted when you bath him. If your dog does this when he is dry, he wants to shake off pressure from himself.

His Barking Habit

A dog bark can vary according to what it wants to convey. If your dog is yelping (a sound similar to crying) he is in some pain. Take him to a vet immediately. Barks with prolonged intervals mean he feels lonely and needs your petting. A rigorous bark with no intervals means he wants to alert of some upcoming danger.

Frightened Stance

foods toxic to dogs

You might notice that sometimes your dog is trembling sitting in a corner. He doesn’t feel playful then and seems sad. It might also be that he is peeing or defecating. When approached he might even snap at someone unknown. This is an indication that your dog is frightened. Comfort him to bring him back to normal.

Turning His Back On You

There might be times when your dog walks up to you and turns his back on you. Fear not. He hasn’t lost any love for you. When a dog turns his back to someone, he trusts the person completely.

Shows Belly

It a time where your dog feels very happy and is somewhat content. The only other thing he requires is for his human partner to rub his belly which gives him pleasure.


How to understand your dog

When your dog wants to play, he’ll kneel on his front legs and raise his behind. He’ll wag his tail rapidly and may even give a bark or two. But his look will be very childish, which indicates that he wants to play with you. Give him the time of his life.

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